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Tuscarora Tribe - Iroquois Nation

Tuscarora (Skurū'rěn', 'hemp gatherers,' the Apocynum cunnabinum, or Indian hemp, being a plant of many uses among the Carolina Tuscarora; the native form of this appellative is impersonal, there being no expressed pronominal affix to indicate person, number, or gender.

The data for the history of the Tuscarora are meager and fragmentary, hence while they were at first an important people of North Carolina, little is definitely known regarding them, and that little usually applies to only a part of the people. The first authentic information concerning the Tuscarora is that recorded by Lawson, the Surveyor General of North Carolina, who knew them well, having lived in close contact with them for many years. His History of Carolina, having been written about.

Tuscarora Chronology
The following is a Chronology of events for the Tuscarora Tribe:

  1.  1710
    1710 - History first mentions the Tuscarora Tribe just one year before the first war the tribe fought with the colony of North Carolina. In 1710, a tribal delegation visited the government of Pennsylvania to request permission to live there in order to escape the ...
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  2.  1711
    1711 - The year is 1711, for decades the European colonists have lived in relative peace with their native neighbors. However more and more colonists arrive everyday, straining the already tense situation. The most powerful tribe in the region is the Tuscarora tribe.
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  3.  1712
    1712 - They were originally known by the title of the Five Nations. In 1712, the Tuscarora tribe was forcibly expelled from the interior of North Carolina, and flying northward was taken in and adopted as the Sixth tribe, making what was afterwards known as the Six ...
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  4.  1713
    1713 - Tuscarora, the name of our school district and the mountain ridge on the western boundary, is derived from the Tuscarora Tribe of the Iroquois Confederation.The Tribe came north from the Carolinas circa 1713 and settled for a time along the mountains.The name ...
  5.  1722
    1722 - In 1722, the Tuscarora tribe joined these other five tribes. After that, they were known as the Six Nations. Village Councils Each village of each tribe in the Iroquois Nation had a representative council which ran its government. All the representatives were ...
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  6.  1779
    1779 - In discussing the development of this township, we are on historical ground. In our search for original sources we find that because of Indian depredations made by the Tuscarora tribe, which at a very early date had its home in the vicinity of the present village of ...
  7.  1862
    Feb 3, 1862 - ADMIRALTY OFFICE, Southampton, February 3,1862. SIR: I havethe honor to acquaint you that on receiving their lordship's instructions in cipher ut '¿.45 pm this day, " that in the event of Tuscarora. anchoring anywhere within roads or rivers , I was to ...
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  8.  1874
    Nov 11, 1874 - Silvaraville Lodge No. 887, IOOF, was instituted Nov. 11, 1874. First officer, JJ Culver, NG; William Christain, VG; EL Taylor, Sec. --The township derives its name from the fact that at the mouth of Tuscarora creek, an ancient village of the Tuscarora tribe.
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  9.  1958
    Apr 20, 1958 - The Tuscarora Indians won a skirmish with the State Power Authority here yesterday when a Federal Judge handed down an order temporarily banning Authority surveyors from Indian territory in upstate New York. The state has expropriated 1.383 acres.